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Best Beauty Apps for Your Smartphone

Because we are always on the go, beauty cannot wait for a moment’s rest. So why not access the coolest tips and features right on your smartphone and keep up with beauty wherever you happen to be.  Here are some great apps that make beauty as easy as a touchscreen swipe.

Best Hair Day Forecasts

The Haircast app combines weather forecasting with hairstyle suggestions. Turn bad hair days into amazing looks based on this app’s daily weather predictions. Take the guesswork out of what to do with your do.

Go Skin Deep

The Skinbetter app gives you a clinical dermatology report based on a selfie. Use this app to analyze your complexion and get the best tips for wrinkles, dark spots and dry patches.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

We now know how essential a good night’s sleep is to beauty. With the Sleep by Motion X app you can track your sleeping patterns and receive expert tips and suggestions on how to improve your sleep habits so you look your best wide awake.

Complete Beauty in Your Purse Pocket

If you need one place on the internet for all your beauty tips than the Beautylish app needs to be downloaded. With this app on your phone you can instantly access endless beauty ideas from hair to makeup, including detailed tutorials and expert advice.

Smartphone Hydration

Hydration is a beauty must. Not getting enough water can lead to dry, patchy skin. However, keeping up on hydration an be difficult with a busy life. The Idration app makes quenching your thirst easy by suggesting the amount of water you need every day based on your age and weight. Then it reminds you when you are falling short of meeting your aqua quota.

Nail Your Favorite Shade

How easy is it forget that perfect shade of polish from your last salon visit? Forget no more. Use the Indulge app to scan the polish bottle barcode and upload your glam pedi or mini to Instagram.

Upgrading Your Smartphone for Beautiful Performance

Before you start searching for these app, make sure you have the tech to look your best. Not all smartphones and phone services make the grade. Visit T-Mobile for the latest phone technology and streaming data services. Use this coupon to save on a new phone. Then start downloading these must-have beauty apps.