David Johnson Cane Bay Partners Support Gov. Juan F, Luis Hospital Women’s and Children’s Division With a $50,000 Donation

Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP has made a donation of $50,000 to the Gov. Juan F, Luis Hospital Women’s and Children’s Division. Led by their co-founder, David A. Johnson, the consulting firm completed the second installment of $25,000 having given the first installment of a similar amount in December of 2014. These funds are meant to enhance the hospital’s compliance with Medicare and Medicaid services.

Funds go Into Renovating the Women’s and Children’s Division

The first donation of $25,000 went into renovating the Women’s and Children Division. The contractor, Sampson House renovated several rooms and specialized care units at the division. The second installment is also meant to improve more rooms as the hospital continues to improve its services.

While presenting the David Johnson Cane Bay check, David said the organization was proud to support the hospital. He added to say that everyone needed the hospital at a point in their lives. He promised to look at many other ways he could support the institution and challenged other members of the public to follow suit. According to him, the children and women are the most vulnerable groups but also a source of many joyful moments.

Donations go to Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Programs

While receiving the donation, the acting JFL CEO, Dr. Ken Okolo, thanked Johnson and the organization for supporting the health facility. He added to say that the donation together with others like it had played a significant role in enabling the hospital to receive approvals for its systems from Medicare and Medicaid. He concluded to say that the donations had breathed a new life to the hospital and the staff, and enhanced the delivery of services.

About David A Johnson

David A Johnson is a co-founder of Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP a leading consulting and management company based in St. Croix. He also partners with Strategic Link Consulting, an international consultancy company. He holds an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University and a BBA in Management and MIS from the University of West Georgia. David has also held various positions in other organizations such as the Earth Tech and TranDotcom solutions.